The study of the iris to gain information about the state of health in the whole body. Specific areas of the iris corresponds to specific organs, while colour, shape, and sclera give insight into tissue changes or activity.


Uses of a number of tools to determine the state of health of an individual and help to reduce symptoms of disease.

Central is the principle that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself, provided nutrients, rest, environmental factors and lifestyle are addressed and corrected.


Nutrition is the study of how what we eat, affects our state of health and our sense of well-being. Lack of proper nutrients leads to degenerative changes, and feelings of un-ease, and eventually disease.

Skin Care

This range of skin and body care products is unique and exquisite. Using medicinal plants, 100% natural and organic or macrodynamic ingredients and a treatment philosophy which supports the skin’s power of nurture and regeneration.

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