Testing and Health Assessments

Metatron smaller


The Metatron is a magnetic resonance device that uses the bioelectrical activity of brain neurons, to isolate and decode your whole body’s internal physiology. This is displayed as 3D images for you to see in real time.

Metatron 2 smaller
Oligoscan smaller


Using a laser light, the Oligoscan scan’s your palm.

This translates into a graph of minerals and heavy metals within your body.


Food Detective

Using a small blood sample from you, your blood can be tested for antibodies at the practice the same day.

The kit has a tray with food protein extracts, when combined with your blood sample will show if there is any reaction to that food.

Other Tests Available

* Blood Sugar Levels * Blood Pressure * Pulse * Tongue * Iridology

All the tests that Heidi’s Herbal Remedies conduct, allow for a personalised treatment plan, designed for your individual health goals.