Naturopathy uses a number of tools to determine the state of health of an individual and help to reduce symptoms of dis-ease.

Central is the principle that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself, provided nutrients, rest, environmental factors and lifestyle are addressed and corrected.

We use the healing power of nature and gentle, non-invasive therapies to help restore and maintain balance of the mind, body and emotions.

During a consultation at Heidi’s Herbal Remedies, we will use some or all of the following techniques to gain insight: iridology, hair, skin, nail and tongue analysis, blood glucose testing, urinalysis, pH test, Indicans test, blood pressure monitoring, biofeedback (kinesiology). We may send away for Hair Tissue Mineral analysis, do IgG allergy test.


Liquid or Loose Leaf Herbs

Medicinal herbal extracts combined into a formula unique to you at the time of consultation. Herbs are self-regulating, restorative and have been used by humans (and animals) to heal for millennia.

Flower Essences

Energetic remedies which work on the emotional and spiritual level of unease and illness. This is where all illness originates. We use Bach Flower remedies or Australian Bush Flowers

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins help to restore and regenerate the function of our organs

Minerals help to replenish and repair the structure of our tissues.

Treatments Available

Initial Consultation

Subsequent Consultations




Health Rebates are available through Private Health Funds


*Standard Consultations consist of 1 hour additional fees will apply for longer appointments.